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The Publishing Industry by Tom Grundner

Okay, if you have a book proposal you'd like us to consider, we're not going to BS you. Here's how it works.


    * We don't give advances—an increasingly common phenomenon in publishing. In the long run that's no big deal as these are always advances against royalties, which means the publisher just takes the money back out of your first check(s) anyway. 

    * We’ll do as much as we can to promote your book, but our resources are limited. Ultimately the bulk of this task will be on your shoulders—which, again, is not really different than what the bigger publishers will tell you. 

    * Your book will (in all likelihood) NOT appear on the shelves of the major chain bookstores. It WILL, however, be on their title list so that any customer, at any store, can order it. That is actually less of a loss than it sounds. What they don't tell you is this. IF you can get your book on their shelves (a big "IF"), you have three months for your book to become a very (very) good seller. If it doesn't—it's gone, just as if it had never been there in the first place. 


    * You will NOT be charged for having the book published. We are NOT a vanity rip-off outfit. We're investing our money, not yours, into your book. 

    * You'll receive a royalty that's the same, if not higher, than most publishers. We don't do hardbacks at this time, but soft cover and ebooks are where the sales are. 

    * You will be able to buy your book for your own resale at 50% off the cover price. 

    * Your book will be published using the latest state-of-the-art technology. In other words, it will look great. We don't put out junk—that goes for the look of the book as well as the writing. 

    * The book will appear in Books in Print and will be available through Ingram—the largest book distributor in the world. 

    * It will be available in Europe via both Gardner's Books and Bertram Books, the two largest book distributors in Europe. 

    * It will also be available in Canada via Chapters/Indigo, the largest book distributor in Canada. 

    * And it will be available online via Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, this website, and God knows how many other independent websites. 

(And distribution is getting better all the time!) 

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