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Born in Los Angeles California, Richard Jasper is a proud, doting father of a wonderful daughter and the love of his life, Deborah. He is a long-time electronics engineer and self-taught software programmer who enjoys venturing into uncharted new fields to experience all life has to offer. A technically minded and detail oriented person by trade, his background lends itself well to real life tales of mystery and intrigue. His greatest interest is historically compelling stories, and he has always enjoyed creative writing and philosophy.

Because many of his hobbies are also his livelihoods, he likes to say that sometimes it's difficult for him to determine where "spare time" ends and "work" begins.

Journey to Redemption is his first novel.

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Sandra Oertell is a widow and retired healthcare and residential designer. Born in Chicago, she has lived from coast to coast, raised and educated three daughters, and has settled permanently in Las Vegas after some extensive international travel.  She began writing while still in college, concentrating mostly on poetry and short stories about her own personal experiences. In times of trial, she can be counted on to say, “Some day this is going to be a good story.”

As an avid reader and writer, she ventured into new genres by becoming a freelance writer of restaurant reviews, show critiques, interior decorating articles, and general ghostwriting. All that changed as the result of a chance meeting with Richard Jasper at a party.  He asked her to comment on a manuscript he was working on, the result of which was a new found love of historical writing and a successful collaboration. 

Beyond that she is a dedicated swimmer, enjoys 7 card stud, good jazz, theatre, and loves word games of all kinds.


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