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From University Professor, to Management Consultant and Trainer, to Creative Advertising Director, her professional fields allow Marriott to observe life and gives her the tools to get to the very core of her subject. Barbara was elected to Who’s Who in American Woman, and has the distinction of flying with the Navy Acrobatic team, the Blue Angels.  
 The 2013 Stars and Flags Book Award announced that author Barbara Marriott was awarded a silver medal for her Non-Fiction: Subject Specific book, The Fleet Angels of Lakehurst.  A national contest, the Stars and Flags Book Awards Program was established in 2008 with the purpose of promoting books which have a content connection to the military. Many of the judges are veterans themselves, and others include historians, teachers, and avid readers. 

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Barbara Marriott earned her Ph.D. in cultural anthropology at the University of Florida, but it wasn’t until she headed to Arizona that her insatiable curiosity took hold and she began her love affair with the old west, its history, and its characters. Her nonfiction books have won awards and praise for their portrayal of average people in a place and time that was not average.  She is able to factually depict the truth, yet her books read like novels. Attention to facts and details, plus the ability to show a human side to her characters, make for very enjoyable stories.   Barbara has turned her creative pen to historical military fiction and weaves historical facts with oral history in her book The Fleet Angels of Lakehurst. It is an insight not only to the missions flown by these helicopter crews, but also to a sense of humor which got them through dangerous and difficult situations. The end result is a read that offers a unique combination of historical fact and fun.  Her second book with Loose Leaves is Banana River. This is the story of the men and women who served at BRNAS and saw the base grow from a small auxiliary site, to an immense, vital naval air station, actively engaged in WWII.